Buyers' Information

It is important that I send all required forms to all buyers.  For efficiency, I have created the below list of links to all documents I am legally required to share with you, and others you may find beneficial.  You can read them at your leisure.
Buyer Closing Fees:
Lead Based Paint:
Energy Efficiency:

 As you likely know, I work on a commission basis.  Until you buy a home through me, I am volunteering in the hopes of earning your business.  To that end, I ask that you please work with me until the day you sign on the dotted line.  I promised top-notch service, quick response times & honest answers.  If at anytime, you feel that I am not delivering on those promises, please let me know & we can go our separate ways.  Until then, I will assume we are working together.   After our first meeting, I will ask you to sign a loyalty agreement. Here is a link to copy of the agreement:
Can you agree to that?

Thank you in advance for your loyalty.