Lender and Vendor Referrals

Please take a few moments to call a lender.  You can use one of the below or anyone you would like.  In this fast moving market, it is imperative to be in a position to place an offer prior to seeing a property.  In order to place an offer, you need a preapproval letter from a lender (or a bank statement showing you have cash on hand if you decide to pay in cash.)  The call should take about 10 minutes.... once I get the letter from your lender, I can schedule the showings.

LENDERS - Please mention that I referred you

Collin Atchison - First Florida Financial      Office: 239-206-1115      Mobile: 239-398-6776  email: Collin.atchison@gmail.com

Andy Davis - DV Home Mortgage             Office: 1-866-769-4063   Mobile: 239-691-6546 email:  andy@dvhomemottgage.com

Tracy Vanlandschoot - Mortgage 1           Office: 239-471-3696      Mobile:  248-709-9292 email:  TVanlandschoot@mortgageone.com

Josh Hall - Sanibel Captiva Bank              Office: 239-274-7418      Mobile: 239-464-0775  email:  jhall@sancapbank.com

Orlando Reyes - Land and Home             Office: 239-214-6707     Mobile: 239-246-6803  email:  Orlando.Reyes@lhfs.com


INSURANCE COMPANIES  -  Please mention that I referred you 

Lori Roth - Old FLorida Insurance                                             Office: 239-333-0711          Email: lori@oldefloridainsurance.com

Blake Chapman - State Insurance                                            Office:  239-567-9992         Email: blake@stateinsurance.com

Holly Messinger - Horace Mann Island Coast Insurance          Office:  239-275-4667         Email: holly.messinger@horacemann.com

David Arter - Private Client Insurance Services                        Office:  239-481-1949         Email:  DArter@pcis-fl.com                         


HOME INSPECTORS - Please mention that I referred you

Mark Davis - Trusted Home Services              Office : 239-940-0907            Email : mark@fl-ths.com

Bob Cantu - A Handy Home Inspector            Office : 239-340-0375            Email : bob@ahandyhi.com

Bill Jurek - Home Team Inspection Services    Office:  239-489-3334